Aussie Legends



Aussie Legends is a WIP mod based around Group C Australian Touring Cars during the 1970's.

At this stage 7 cars are planned with 4 series types.


For 1973 CAMS introduced a new Group C Touring Car category to replace both the existing Group C Improved Production and Group E Series Production.

The new Group C cars would contest both the Australian Touring Car Championship and the Australian Manufacturers' Championship,

the later having previously been contested by Group E cars and run over numerous long distance events such as

the Bathurst 500 and the Sandown enduro. The new Group C classification had been brought about by the media-driven

'Supercar scare' of 1972 which led to Ford Australia, General Motors Holden and Chrysler Australia ceasing direct involvement

with the manufacture of high performance production cars for Group E racing.

Holden would continue support of touring car racing until the end of the 1970s. Ford closed their factory team at the end of 1973

and then provided technical and limited financial support of Allan Moffat Racing between 1976 and 1978),

but Chrysler ended its involvement at the end of 1972.

The ATCC had expanded to 11 rounds in 1976 and 1977, but the 'Golden Era' often had a thin veneer as

uncompetitive small engined cars bolsterred entries for many years.


The Cars

HQ Holden Monaro GTS coupe (available in the downloads)

VH Valiant Charger E49 coupe (available in the downloads)

XA Ford Falcon Sedan (available in the downloads)

XA Ford Falcon GT coupe (available in the downloads)

XB Ford Falcon GT coupe

LX Holden Torana A9X

TBA (surprise)


The Series

Original Showroom Cars (original physics)

ATTC Group C (group C physics)

Touring Car Masters (TCM physics)

Super Charged (beast physics)


 As there is a large amount of work with only Nibiru and Obbzy doing the work ATM, we will be releasing the cars 1 by 1 to a similar standard

before going back and polishing them up. Not all series will be released at once.


As it is a WIP we ask if the community can help us with testing the cars and leaving your feedback in the forum.

If anyone would like to help send Nibiru a PM letting him know what you would like to do.

 At the moment we need skins made so any skinners wanting to help don't hesitate to ask.


The download section also includes tracks created/converted by the xFactor-Racing Modding Team