Aussie Legends


The XA model was the first completely designed and built in Australia. By the time it was released,

the US version had been discontinued some 18 months earlier, and the designers had the opportunity of designing a more 'Australianised' car.

The result was a swoopy, coke bottle design, sleek but featuring a bigger, more roomy body

and available with a wider choice of engines and a longer list of options.

In fact, the XA sported arguably the boldest design of any Falcon model to date.

There were a plethora of body and engine choices on offer; the range started with the Falcon,

then Falcon 500, Futura, Fairmont, and the mighty GT. The station wagon versions used a longer wheelbase than the sedans,

affording an even greater load space, but were only available in Falcon, Falcon 500 and Fairmont levels of trim.

Uniquely, the wagon's tailgate could be opened either down-wards or to one side.

As for the engines, both the 200 and 250ci six cylinder version carried over from the XY,

the latter iteration available with either a single or twin-venturi carburettor.

Naturally the 302 and 351ci V8 engines remained, and although far less of the bent 8's were sold, they remained the stuff of dreams.

Transmissions too remained as they were on the XY, with a 3 speed manual column shift or 4 speed floor mounted shift.


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